This is not the first time Dixon has fought Fisher

  • Erik Dixon thinks Fisher is completely nonsense: "Do you think I would think Fisher did a good job? Think the ram is unloading and killing a donkey? No No, I did not think about it, just me. I hate Fisher very much, and I do not think he helped Jared Goff during the Rams, helped Todd Geller, and gave the Rams offense any slightest improvement. , All this credit should be placed on Madden Coins the head coach Shawn McVeigh and the new general manager Les Snyder. "


    This is not the first time Dixon has fought Fisher in public, last season because of the ram's poor record, Dixon faced an interview with Fischer. "We have a champion basketball quarterback. Our coach has no ability , I do not think the Rams are suitable for Gough's coach. "Such remarks apparently led to poor results, led by Fisher Rams management team said because Dixon's words hurt the players, so do not welcome Dixon from the team Too close, do not even welcome Dixon to the sidelines.


    Since then, Dixon and Fisher have had a hard time, he said that as long as Fisher is still one day, he will not go to the Rams game, when Fisher get out of class, Dixon happy dancing Then went to the home to see the game.

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