Seeing the scores of both sides are about to open

  • Easy side battles, Porter, Markoff - Morris hit a third in a row, Wall, Gortat raid there are also the Wizards team in 2 minutes time, shot a 12-4 attack wave, the score Opened to double digits. Seeing the scores of both sides are about to open, Owen opened the attack mode, a long shot three points, two breakthrough layup, led the team will be the difference between the two sides narrowed to 4 points, the Wizards request a pause. After Porter, Wall re-opened the score to NBA Live Coins 9 points, but Smart, Rosier and others are always able to respond to the end of the third quarter, the Wizards 80-76 lead.


    The final section, Tatum feel hot, led the team played a 11-4 attack wave, the Celtics go-ahead 2 points, the Wizards request to suspend. After the suspension, the two sides alternately lead, Owen hit third, once the Celtics scored 5 points lead. But then, Wal-Mart faced Irvine hit the CIC, after continuous assault Ublaz scored 5 points, the Wizards 12-0 attack wave, go-ahead rival 7 points.

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