Wade in the next attack

  • After the start of the second quarter, Tristan Thompson layup was covered by David - West, he missed a continuous tipped basket, the two teams did not score more than 1 minute. Drummond - Green took the lead in the score to break the deadlock, but the Knights of Jeff - Green quickly with three points, Knight 31-26 lead. Cleveland then offensive problems, the Warriors hit a very high quality offense, scored three consecutive rounds, they throw in the Livingston score, the score chase into  NBA Live Mobile Coins a level of 31.


    Wade in the next attack, Wade hit the right-third of 45-degree third ball, he made a shooting fake after the departure of David - West escape, but Wade did not give up, shot forcibly to Weiss Special by lean, life and death caused by West shot foul, 3 free throws, he made 3 free throws 2. However, the Knight opened the second section hit rate is very low, as of the second section 6 minutes and 16 seconds 12 vote only 1, but also the Warriors also attack poorly, the two teams have been fighting to 39 levels.

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