The beginning of the game

  • The game was lost, but Harden broke a team history record. He scored 20+ games in 30 consecutive games, surpassing Moses Malone and creating a new record. At the same time, Harden's rocket career total score beyond Elvin - Hayes, rose to fourth in team history.


    The beginning of the game, the Lakers hit a 9-0 start, Harden hit a cast in the first ball for the Rockets. Harden drew Ariza, hit third. Seeing his shooting is not smooth, Harden started to break into NBA Live Coins the basket to change hands layup. The same is a breakthrough, Harden hands flick, hit the ball behind the back, Blake take the hint, catch the splitting score. The first quarter finished, Harden 6 points and 3 assists, but the Lakers defensive indeed good, in the first quarter forced Harden to appear four personal errors.


    To the second quarter, half minutes away from the end of the remaining 8 minutes and 57 seconds, the Rockets have been 22 points behind the Lakers, this time, Harden was replaced play. His accession, immediately changed the trend of the war. Only 20 seconds played, Harden completed a beautiful 3 + 1 in the corner. A long drought every sweet rain, the attack sounded the rocket counterattack horn. Seeing his teammates offensive weakness, Harden completely open the personal attack mode, he again and again against the other restricted area, the face of higher and stronger than Randle, Harden with skillful ball-handling skills and pace Akira opponents, Easily score. Had half left in the second quarter, Harden's total score over 20 points, the first 30 games of this season, Harden scored 20 + all. He also broke Moses - Malone in 1982 set a record 20 team history record of 29 consecutive games.

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