Spanish Football Association is very surprised

  • Spanish Football Association is very surprised, why the signing of the time, exposing the news so detrimental to them, just perfect to prevent the signing of this big contract. To know before Spain's five-year sponsorship contract less than 25 million euros, the total contract price of 50 million, more than double that before. Aspen newspaper speculation may be the former main sponsor of the Spanish Football Association Ivor Dora the power company mischief, deliberately yellowing the signing of the new contract signed by the Spanish Football Association, while Azerbaijan insisted: to be signed after Spain decided to FIFA Coins participate in the World Cup.


    Barcelona a spokesman for the team spokesman Amor Al Rakesh on Sunday after almost admitted that Barcelona is in contact with Grizzman, this is a heavy news, followed by Tuesday, Atletico Barcelona will Contact Griezmann sued FIFA, followed by the media there have been many previous cases to discuss Barcelona may be punished up to two transfer window to prohibit the transfer may be, but in fact Barcelona will not be subject to any penalties , Spanish media invited former FIFA legal counsel to explain these issues in detail.

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