Although he finished third in the drivers

  • Finnish driver Bertas faced a huge challenge to the outside world for the first time this season. Although he finished third in the drivers' championship, many experts think he can only play the role of driver number two at best, His two contracts are also only one year deadline. However, Mercedes-Benz director Nicky Lauda believes the team's choice of Botas is undoubtedly the right decision: "Hamilton reached a new level this season, and it is almost impossible for anyone else to beat him, even though there are a few He was not a bad car driver, but he did a good job, and Botas spurred Hamilton's performance, which he could have done better, but the car was not easy to drive and he could not get faster, I believe he will be even stronger next season. "


    For Hamilton, McLaren is likely to join the title race in the new season: "I've made a huge achievement in McLaren and it will always have a place in my heart and I really hope they will welcome next year A successful season, I hope we can compete with them in the front row. McLaren is a wealthy, they definitely deserve the front row position, I hope that with the new engine they can meet our standards, I hope to compete with Alonso for the new world champion. "

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