Just as today against Pelicans

  • Many people know that the nickname of Adtokunbo is the letter brother, because his name is too long and too hard to write. In fact, there is a nickname Adtokunbo Bo, that is, "the Greek freak." The reason why such a phrase to describe Adidom Kun Bo, because his physical quality is too Madden, on the court, his A lot of Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins moves are beyond your imagination.


    Just as today against Pelicans, the game did not take long after the start, the Bucks attack, the letter brother dribble face Cousins, suddenly a change to kill the basket below, the face of defense Anthony - Davis Letters directly to a brother dunks. This ball, the letter brother will show his excellent performance most vividly. And to the second quarter of the game, the Bucks fast break, a two one-on-one opportunity, Bledsoe throw the ball high, letters brother dunks hands, action at one go, see brother letter dunk, you feel each Balls are like top ten balls.

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