Although Vitas reluctant to think about this matter

  • The fourth quarter, the first 1 minute and 27 seconds, Batesmore foul Lance shot, give the Knicks 2 free throws. The first 5 minutes and 46 seconds, Springsteen assists, Ilyasasawa third hit a long shot. 9 minutes and 22 seconds, Iliasova appeared pass errors, steals by Beck. Eagles to strengthen defense, this section of the team completed a total of 5 steals. This section of the eagle in poor condition, mistakes up to 7 times. Knicks hit the basket on NBA Live Coins multiple occasions, scoring 21 free throws, punishing 18 goals and shooting 85.71 percent from the free throw line. The game ended, the Knicks beat the Hawks 111-107, made the game victory.


    Although Vitas reluctant to think about this matter, but the right elbow injuries really troubled him. Against Memphis Grizzlies, Wittis played only 24 minutes in total, 4 of 5 shots, scored 10 points and 4 assists, of which, all of Vits score, are completed within three seconds."I tried not to think about it," Vitters said of an elbow injury. "I'm not a man willing to make excuses, no matter what happens to me." But Witt also admits that being physically injured makes him somewhat uncomfortable.

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