Atl├ętico is another case

  • Atlético is another case, this card is hard to claim in the La Liga top class team, has been in Real Madrid, Barcelona struggled for more than 4 years. During which they took the 1st La Liga title, 2 into the Champions League final, without the premise of complement super star, this is the limit of Cheap FIFA 18 Coins  Simone team. This season, Atletico Madrid unexpectedly fell into the trough, but still stable in La Liga the first three. Not to be shy to say that this season Atletico Madrid double play triumphant, let alone with Chelsea, Rome, the same group is not easy, so the team is also reasonable.


    And did not reach the Champions League race Leicester City, they won the 2015-16 season Premiership this is an accident, plus the core players such as Canter, last season they reached the Champions League Top 8 at the same time On the verge of relegation. The final meritorious deeds Stir was speculation in the English Premier League barely relegation. The fate of Leicester City proved that there is no injection of money, dark horse can only be a while, it can not be a black one. Blue Fox this season, a series of blood loss, currently ranked ninth in the Premier League, if you want to re-enter the Champions League race, I am afraid have to wait for ten years and twenty years.

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