In the just-concluded regular season

  • This is Ryan this season's fourth double-double, the highest for the Suns, his teammate TJ Warren has three double-double performance this season. Not today's game, Ryan averaged 22.9 minutes this season, can get 9 points and 9.3 rebounds.


    According to ESPN Stats & Info, Carrefour scored 32 points in the first half today, which is the league's fourth half appearance this season, scored 30 points, the other three by the rocket player James - Harden (2) and Warriors player Stephen - Curry (1) to complete. Harden scored 30 points at halftime during the Rockets' Jazz match on Nov. 6 in Beijing and 33 points during the halftime win over the Suns on November 17; Curry beat Warriors on NBA Live Coins Nov. 25 in Beijing The game won 31 points at halftime.


    In the just-concluded regular season, the Cavaliers beat the Heat 108-97 at home to secure nine straight wins. The game Knight player Kyle - Korver appearances played 27 minutes, 4-of-8, 11 points and 2 rebounds.

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