Real Madrid 14 28 minutes

  • Real Madrid 14 28 minutes, but also the lowest score over the past 9 years. 2008-09 season, Schuster helm Galaxy fleet 14 rounds after the plot 26 points, then no season start so downturn this season as such, the points are so low, you know Qizu have led the team last season Scored 34 points, 6 points ahead of Barcelona, ??and now the Red Army is 8 points behind, the relative integral drop as many as 14 points, the contrast is enormous.


    The next round of Cheap FIFA 18 Coins Barcelona will be playing love song stadium challenge Villarreal, winning is not difficult, but Real Madrid will also be home against the current team with the same team in Seville, and Ramos, Carvajal and Casey Miro three main factors will be suspended due to problems with the card, almost no mistakes space defending champion, no doubt the pressure will be greater.


    Bar?a striker Suarez accepted an interview with the "Marca", he revealed that he knows what kind of person Neymar, Su God that the Brazilian star will not join Real Madrid, and he is not worried about their own status.Neymar joined Paris Saint-Germain this summer, the transfer fee reached 222 million euros, although he has just fought PSG, but many sports media in Europe that Neymar only Paris as a transit station, he is still in the future Will be transferred to Real Madrid.

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