Because the fair act involves the balance of payments

  • Last summer, Paris spent €220 million to negotiate Neymar, setting a record high in the transfer price of football in the world. At the same time, it also promoted Mbappe by way of lending. It may take up to  FIFA 18 Coins Paris 4 years ago. Billion euros. Such a high cost of spending has long attracted the attention of UEFA. The reason why Mbape did not buy out until a year later was the vacancy in Paris’s fiscal fairness bill.

    Because the fair act involves the balance of payments and late fees in two parts. The late payment rule is not difficult to understand, that is, the club can not be owed any salary, including the team coach, the player's salary and the player broker's commission. This point, if the Qatari consortium does not withdraw its capital, Paris will not have to worry about it.

    The key is balance-of-payments. This part involves a relatively large number and it also makes UEFA's investigation difficult. Since all revenues were not fully publicized, only the club knew the specific profit figures. There were cases before. In 2013, Manchester City signed a £400 million deal with Ittihad Aviation to evade UEFA sanctions. The sponsorship contract, while the owner of Etihad Airways is the Abu Dhabi consortium. The Qatar consortium is more astute and it is not difficult to ensure that what happens again is the moth.

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