The opponents are still those opponents

  • Looking at the Lightning side, this team made three Eastern Conference finals in four seasons. When they first entered the Eastern Conference finals in 2015, they were called thunderstorms of youth. A few years ago people were sighing and if they were given these As the young men grow up in time, what miracles they will create. And now, Hetman, Palatt, Johnson, Keelung, Stamkos, Kucherov, and Carahan. At the time, except for Ferpal, the team has left and the other major members are still here. The team has played, but time has flowed for three years. Although the Lightning team has become a strong team, it is still far from what people originally expected. Since then, they have not won the Eastern Conference championship and reached the finals, not to NHL 18 Coins mention holding the Stanley Cup.


    The opponents are still those opponents, and the teenagers are no longer young. However, we can still see their children on the side of the court: In the first and second rounds of the series, the Lightning team appeared to be shut down by opponents. At the end of the first quarter of the first game, Kucherov’s difficult goal was blown out because of many people, and then the capitalist made a strong second attack to expand the score. So in the second quarter, we saw that Kucherov’s foul as a team owner would be meaningless to his opponent, causing his opponent to score more goals. In just two sessions, the Lightning team completely lost the game. In the second game, at the end of the second quarter, Lightning had scored two goals in a short period of time, and they did not come out of this shock in the third quarter. So they once again collapsed.

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