This is great work done by general manager Jim Rutherford

  • This is great work done by general manager Jim Rutherford and his management team of assistant GMs in Jason Karmanos and Bill Guerin and their staff. All the scoffs and weird narratives that former assistant Jason Botterill apparently being the only person in the Pittsburgh front office capable of managing a salary cap and that there would be any sort of  NHL 18 Coins massive negative impact from his departure to his can be put to rest. The Pens did a masterful job this season with their salary cap.


    As CapFriendly mentioned, it’s certainly not a simple task with the long-term injury reserve also in play (team’s only enter those waters when they are exceeding the upper-limit by having a player injured). It doesn’t mean “cool you can exceed the salary cap” it means, in simple terms, you can spend up to the injured player’s salary on a replacement for him while he is injured, but only while he is injured. But to have to use LTIR for two stretches during the season and still end up having juuust enough cap space to afford performance bonuses is a very impressive feat of management. Generally speaking usually if a team needs LTIR, they have almost no cap space and they end up on the list of team’s in the first tweet that are dealing with a bonus overage penalty for the following season.

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