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    I read all the Septimus Heap books that came out so far! I can not wait for the movie and the 5th book. What I am really excited for is that in the 4th book I noticed Beetle was totally crushing on Jenna. I wonder? Anyway I can't wait because I am so excited!!!I don't know about anyone else but I have read a lot of books then they became movies and the really messed up the characters and plot in the movie! I just hope they don't make Jenna be a blond and Septimus be a Brunette! I was looking up the Percy Jackson movie which is also coming out in 2010, and I saw they are totally messing up! They made Annabeth be a brunette and the characters are supposed to be 12( like me) and they look, like 14! I should know what a 12 year old should look like! Anyway, I can't wait 'till the next book comes out! Also I am REALLY hoping they don't mess up the movie! ;).

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