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    Thank you Labman for your last post. I have another question now. I heard it was harder to train a pom if he has been forced to live in his filth. Well the previous owner told me that he has stepped all over his poop before. So I think that might be a sign that he is willing to live in his filthRight now I feed it and then I take it out for a walk for him to relieve himself about 20 minutes after. He pees a lot, in many places.

    I understand that he might be marking his territory, but sometimes nothing even comes outEven after he pees so much outside, when I take him inside he pees some more. What can I do to make sure he relieves all of himself?He does not have a specific place yetIs there a reason why he pees in so many places? Like just a little here and a little there?What do you recommend I do about the living in his own filth?

    Thank You, IF anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate itIs your dog neutered ? If not they will mark more, even in your house. I have a pom/ daschund and a chi/ rat terrier the pom is a girl and she still has accidents she was over 1 when I adopted her. She was not potty trained and had been treated poorly by someone. I have had her almost 3 years and she still has accidents.

    The vet says it is because she has a small bladder. I love her and so I just deal with it. My chi/ terrier was badly abused. he was whipped and starved for peeing and pooping in the house. the people had a female dog unspayed living with him and he would mark everything. I have had him for 2 years he was neutered immediately. In the beginning he was taken out every 20 minutes on a leash,

    How do I train a 2 yr old [ 3 Answers ]I need help with my two 1/2 year old boy. He's a tease and likes to get into everything imaginable. What do I do? I tell him no and he keeps going, he looks at you knowing he shouldn't do it and laughs and does it anyway. He teases me so I tell him no again and again. I've tried spanking, yelling,Trying to potty train [ 1 Answers ]I just bought a miniature dachsund for my son. The lady who had him said that she had started potty training him until she got hurt and could not tend to him anymore. He is 9 weeks old and I have bought the potty pads for him. I have put the potty pad out and noticed that he will pee on the padI got hit by a train [ 1 Answers ]Hey guys I really need to find out anything about this song and all I know is a few lines which are: ' I got hit by a train but falling in love is not quite the same but some guy at sea crashed my car in a lake and it felt so good I want to do it again'.

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