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  • All we have to do is type it in english and then use the site to make it german. but the thing only rs gold allows 500 characters at a time. Evildoctorbluetooth 19:13, 15 February 2007 (UTC)Using an online translator too much wouldn't be smart, they don't have the accuracy of a human speaker.


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    Im waiting for Huxley to come out later this year. its an MMOFPS, so its all real time and everything. sounds crazy fun (yes i played planetside and yet, i was extremely let down). an ever changing world and no virtual dice rolls all real time action. hopefully it works out as great as its soundingUma vez vazia, o ninho pode ser esmagado usando um almofariz e pilo para uso na habilidade de Herbologia .

    Enquanto xilografia, um ninho de pssaro ocasionalmente cair da rvore e terra ao lado de voc. Se voc pegar o ninho e busca lo, ele pode conter alguns itens teis ou valiosos, tais como anis e sementes para a agricultura. Outra possvel saque inclui ovos, Raven e ovos de aves de vermelho, verde ou azul. Estes ovos podem ser incubados e criados como animais de estimao para aqueles com nveis mais elevados da habilidade de Evocao .

    Snicker all you want about its two dimensional graphics, Pong deserves a slot on this list because, as the first arcade cabinet to catch fire with the mainstream, it arguably most responsible for the modern video gaming phenomenon. A table tennis simulator developed by Atari and first released in 1972, the multiplayer game consisted of a pair

    of dial controlled paddles and a bouncing ball enough to qualify it as the first sports video game. The popularity of the arcade version led to an in home setup that was sold by Sears in 1975. And when imitators including Coleco and Nintendo followed, the first shots were fired in the console wars. Sure, by today standards it not as riveting as others on this list, but then that largely depends on who you playing against.

    shall we say at the ultra conservative end of the social spectrum and will want otherwise innocent sites blocked, just because of a mention of fuck or willy. Parents may need to be reminded that kids nowadays regularly hear these words in the playground from the age of 7 or 8 or below.

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