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  • In my work with children who are addicted to gaming and/or gambling, many of them have stolen runescape gold money in order to buy objects in games. The value in money isn't something they have much grasp of. The need for happiness and wellbeing through gaining status level or skins, is much more central.

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    Don't waste money on an old card. Why cut corners on the most important component of the build? This "not even having an extra $20" is an unlikely scenario, but if they are really that poor perhaps they should save the money for food, shelter, and or clothing instead of wasting a large part of their gaming rig budget on old junk with an unknown history.

    Some information, about how players move around the map, could be merged into the current third paragraph. What do you think? If we remove the second paragraph, we may have to lengthen the current third paragraph (which will become the second) by up to a sentence. The Special One 05:20, 8 August 2006 (UTC)Movement methods could be move into the gameplay section opening para, actually the whole 2nd para would be better there.

    Initially, Russia said it was intervening in Syria to take the fight to the Islamic State militant group. But it soon came under criticism for concentrating on other insurgents groups fighting Mr. Assad that do not belong to the Islamic State and sometimes clash with it, including some that were supported by the West. Russian officials said any groups coordinating with the Qaeda linked Nusra Front, as many of those groups have done, were fair game.

    "Some gamers are keen to circumvent the hours required to develop your character and enhance your in game prospects and are therefore in search of game hacks such as patches, cheats and trainers that are available online, usually found on unregulated torrent or file sharing sites," AVG stated in a blog post. "Our Virus Lab Research Group found that within the majority of these downloadable files on these sharing sites there lurk small chunks of executable malicious code or malware designed to pry, steal and disrupt."

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