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  • "Is Brexit bad PR for brand Cambridge?" was the first question. 52% said the city osrs gold would find new opportunities out there and that the impact would be minimal, while 42% voted the other way, and 6% thought "Brand Cambridge" needed an overhaul anyway. Most worrying was the possibility that we might soon become known as "Brand Cambridge", rather like "Team GB".


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    Volgens De Standaard plegen elke week twee jongeren zelfmoord. Er was een daling in de aantal zelfmoorden bij jongeren. Deze daling was helaas van korte duur. Een van de jongeren die zelfmoord heeft gepleegd, was de 15 jarige Jennifer. Zij besloot een eind aan haar leven te maken door van een elf verdieping hoge flat te springen.

    Elk jaar plegen tientalle jongeren, net zoals Jennifer, zelfmoord. Dit probleem leek kleiner te worden. Onderzoekers, politici en vooral hulpverleners dachten hierdoor opgelucht adem te kunnen halen. 2000 Was het recordjaar als het ging om zelfmoorden, toen pleegde 113 jongeren tot 25 jaar in Vlaardingen zelfmoord. Hierna begon de daling. In 2001 waren er 95 zelfmoord gevallen. In 2002 nog maar 77. De daling is voort gezet.

    An honourable mention has to go to the gravity gun from Half Life 2, what a weapon! I would also like to mention the Knights of the Round Materia from Final Fantasy VII, not only was the animation longer than some games but it got me out of many tight spots. Finally, the Bane weapon from Borderlands 2 was hilarious (but frustrating) to use, really good fun with a group.

    Hence potential applicants are strongly advised to contact one or more potential supervisors prior to applying, and to develop preliminary ideas on a research topic with them. This may involve completion of particular MSc modules; you may be exempt from parts of the programme if there is clear evidence that you have covered the same ground in assessed programmes elsewhere.

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