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  • My 17 year old son is diagnosed with ADHD and Aspergers as well as Dyslexia but he is also gifted in science. He runescape gold has been expelled from school for taking weed (this has stopped) and then started a new school and became sick with swine flu. that was in September last year since then he has had tonsilitis 7 times and spends most of his time in bed with his laptop on runescape (a role play computer game).

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    On a last note, the lesser demons are level 82 so they ALWAYS are aggressive to any player for the first 15 to 20 minutes around them. After this they will ignore you and not auto attack. (If you leave into the deadly red spiders area and come back, they will be aggressive to you again.

    There are traps one must be wary of and a few cons. Know the system well to maximize its use. There are plenty of tutorials inline that can be used as guides. Flash interface is ideally suited to both designer as well as developer, you can have fun while creating the game. (in this example being teleported elsewhere).Involves dropping a high value item as per the 'giveaway'.

    Wood cutting (or WC as reffered to by players) is when you cut down trees. For each tree, a certain woodcutting level and an axe is required to cut down a tree. As a player cuts trees down logs will apperar in his or her inventory. you can either light these logs with a tinder box (to raise firemaking), make them into bows, or sell them for money.

    Wikipedia's purpose isn't to support fansites or level the playing field between those sites. Wikipedia is not a directory of links to other sites, so only the most highly used and most useful fansites should be included. Zybez had a problem a few years ago when they forgot to renew one of their domains and a domain squatter got hold of it,

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