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  • Eventually he will ask you to do him a small favor. The favor he runescape gold requests is for you to retrieve a from a forester, just outside of .Note: The easiest way to reach is by chartering a boat to to teleport to . From there head to the northern part of for 10 is by using the CKR, which will teleport you to the hunting grounds northwest of the village.Alternatively, if you have completed , you may use to travel to south of the Ship yard on Karamja (Gandius).


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    The penguins are in a number of diguises that move around RuneScape, such as bushes, crates, mushrooms, rocks, cacti and barrels. These depend on the spawning location of the penguin. Some may even be in the Wilderness, so watch out for player killers. As always, those pesky pirates are bound to throw a holy spanner into the works, so be prepared to fight off some nasties and wield a new maul esque weapon with its own special attack! Yarrr!

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    In fact, it's been moved from WP:EL to WP:NOT, which was a bit odd to me at first, but it makes sense, since the main point of that 1 fansite rule is to prevent people from adding whatever fansite link they please. I think using these three alone would be fine, and would keep us conflict free. Nishkid64 00:22, 7 March 2007 (UTC).

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