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  • Forget the school bully who wants your kid lunch money: today 11 year old runescape gold wants your kid digital gold, and he writing malicious code to steal it. Feeling out of your league, yet? AVG recently took to the airwaves and the Internet to warn parents that kids are learning to code at an early age and that some of them are getting into serious trouble with those skills. It points to a recent Trojan for stealing data from gamers who play RuneScape. Cheating doesn't pay, especially if the tool you're using to cheat is actually stealling from you. Image credit: AVG.


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    In 2009, a proposed storm water system would have dumped 200 tons of concrete on the site. That's when the Old Vero Ice Age Sites Committee was formed to make sure construction wouldn't destroy a valuable window into antiquity. They found enough to halt construction, but committee chair Randy Old needed to bring in an expert to do the serious digging.


    While some would vote Final Fantasy VI the better game, 1997 Final Fantasy VII is arguably the bolder one in this anything but final roleplaying series. Laying complex polygonal graphics over beautiful pre rendered backgrounds, Japanese developer Squaresoft took advantage of the PlayStation compact disc drive to craft an experience

    Sony rival Nintendo rejected Sony pitch for a disc based add on to the Super Nintendo couldn The operatic, labyrinthine and often wonderfully weird tale of ecologically minded heroes out to save their planet from corporate energy raiders proved the most popular in the series, selling over 10 million copies worldwide and prompting perennial cries for a remake (that finally happening).

    RuneScape had created a less violent, more honest society than the real world. The Falador Massacre originated at a house party which represented everything good about the game, beginning as a wacky accident and ending with the slaughter of hundreds. It's like that episode of I Love Lucy where it turns out Lucy's the Boston Strangler.H

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