5 Ways To Become A Digital Influencer

  •  5 Ways To Become A Digital Influencer



    Do you remember the popular 'Dank Irrfan video', that Irfan Khan made with the team of AIB for promoting his new film Hindi Medium?


    The video went super viral with 1.4M views and it also created a new Irfan Khan meme trend.


    Also the very recent, 'The Bollywood Diva Song' that Kangana Ranaut shot, again with AIB for her upcoming movie Simran? Even this video was a big hit and attracted 6M views on Youtube in just two weeks.


    But why have been these celebrities and actors suddenly collaborating with these YouTube stars to promote their projects?


    Well, the answer lies in the concept of 'Influencer Marketing'.


    But, What is Influencer Marketing?


    Influencer marketing is a type of marketing, wherein you promote your brand or deliver your brand’s message to your target audience with the help of influential people (known as Influencers).

    Rather than directly marketing to the larger group of audience, in influencer marketing, you hire/pay the influencers to talk about your brand and spread the word. 

    And people who practice influencer marketing digitally i.e. over social media platforms are called as 'Digital Influencers'.


    Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube are the best platforms for influencer marketing.


    So, all your favorite bloggers, vloggers, actors and comedians like Tanmay Bhatt, Rohan Joshi, Bhuvan Bham, Santoshi Shetty, Miss Malini, Mallika Dua, and Sapan Verma are all top Digital Influencers.


    Digital Influencers are often the trendsetters. They let your message be heard and consumed by the right people. They have the ability to influence people and foster their reactions. And since they have a massive social media following, brands often seek them to promote or endorse themselves or their products digitally.


    In this article, I am going to share 5 ways that can help you become a digital influencer just like your favorite stars.


      1.  Understand Digital Marketing First:


    The first and the foremost thing if you want to become a Digital Influencer, it is essential for you to be great at digital marketing. You should be able to understand all the nuances of digital marketing. You should know how to engage with your audience, create great content & persuade your customers with your digital skills.

    You should also be able to prioritize which digital platform works best for you because not everything works the same way on every platform.

    Having a thorough understanding of digital marketing is a must.


     2.  List down your passion:


    Find out what you’re passionate about and what interests you the most. Find your niche and explore it in every way possible, dig out really deep so that you can add value to it.


    For instance, if you’re passionate about fashion & lifestyle, research more about it. And then share your opinions. Once you know your area of expertise, it will become easy for you to understand and think how you can influence people with your knowledge and ideas. Your passion will help you find your authentic self.


      3.  Use The Power Of Social Media:





    Influencer marketing goes hand-in-hand with social media marketing and content marketing. Social media is the best place to establish your identity as a digital influencer. Have a strong & authentic social media following. Build up your following base by actually earning them because they will act as a certificate of your authenticity, credibility & loyalty.


    Create your presence on social media, by engaging in conversation with brands and your audience. This will help draw their attention towards you thus building authenticity and creating visibility.


    Remember creativity sells faster. Think of something out of the box. Create some fresh, engaging and appealing content. Pay attention to small details. Write really cool stuff which will entice brands & people.


    Share your work on  Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms and get it noticed. Remember, though social media is a very powerful tool it takes time to deliver effective results. You need to be patient as well as consistent.


      4.  Connect with other influencers:



    You cannot sustain in any industry without networking people. And to become a successful digital influencer, connecting with other influencers is important.


    Read and share their articles on your social media profiles and give them due credit. Sometimes write for them too. Involve with them. In this way, you will not only be able to create affiliations but also gain new followers.


     5.  Connect with brands:


    You are not truly a digital influencer unless brands don’t know about you. Connecting with brands is as much important as connecting with other influencers.


    In Marketing, networking is the key. Reach out to various brands through both online and offline ways. Send them an e-mail showcasing your work. Attend events and parties and make connections there too. Connect with digital companies as well. Collaborate with them. And don’t forget to follow-up with them. Express your ideas and opinions. This will help you become a good influencer and a gateway of new opportunities for you.


    I hope our prowess will help you in becoming a successful digital influencer in your own right.


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