The Critical 21st Century Digital Skills For Students

  • The Critical 21st Century Digital Skills for Students



    Digital Marketing is the newly emerging player in the marketing industry today. And the way it has been rapidly evolving itself and proliferating across the globe, it seems like there’s no stopping to it. The 21st Century is witnessing a major digital revolution.

    Therefore, acquiring digital skills be the key factor of success in this modern world.


    In this article, I have shared a list of the digital skills critical for every student of the 21st century that will surely help you understand digital in-and-out.


      1. Basic Image Editing:

    One of the most basic yet important skills in the field of digital is knowing image editing. Even though you are not planning to become a graphic designer, you should still have a basic understanding of image editing (Photoshop). Images are an important component in the field of digital. Whether you write content or make ads in digital, images are always necessary.


    They make the articles valid. They have the power to speak, entice and penetrate into your mind.

     For instance, whenever you read an article what keeps you engaged and continue reading it? Of course a good content along with highly appealing images. Right?

     Thus, it is important for you to learn basic image editing is a great way to mint money as a student.


      2. Basic Video Editing:



    Just like photo editing, video editing is equally important. The video is the new thing in 2017. And it is gaining immense popularity because of the tremendous rate of engagement they provide. You can learn video editing from the tutorials available on YouTube. If you already know video editing then you can take up assignments and work as a freelancer. This would not only help you earn good money as a student but would also help you create a portfolio of the projects you have worked on.


      3. HTML Coding & Programming:

    You must be thinking why learning basic HTML & Coding be an important in digital skill to learn when there’re special coders & web-designers out there?

    Of course, it is not mandatory to know them but it has its own privileges too. Learning basic programming will give you an edge over others & you will not have to look up to others for help.

    Moreover, it gives you an advantage in your work and it will also help you design your own website and make any last minute changes whenever needed.


    HTML5 is the standard markup language and since the world is increasingly becoming web-centric, learning basic coding & programming will surely be beneficial to you.


      4. Website Development:


    Every student who wants to go digital should know how to set up a website and a domain name. Today every brand who has a digital presence has a website of its own. Because without a website aiming for digital doesn’t make any sense.


    Also apart from business, learning web development will also help you in creating your own website where you can showcase your work and create your brand identity.



    You can make a website with the help of coding and programming or through website-building services like WordPress.

    Go-Daddy is one of the best hosting service providers for setting up a domain name.


      5. Microsoft Office:



    This may sound a bit unusual but seriously, learning Microsoft Office precisely is a must. Often, we don’t pay attention to learning it properly thinking that it won’t be of much use but know this fact, that most of the companies require Microsoft Office as a basic qualification.

    Making spreadsheets isn’t an easy task but it definitely will help you sort all those piles of information. Also, you need to learn how to make outstanding slideshows and presentations because in marketing good presentation will help you sell your idea.

    So, if you want to make your life a tad easier, know this skill.


      6. Understand Social Media: 

    Social Media occupies of a big chunk of Digital Marketing industry. Every person, every brand is active on social media today. Thus, you can understand how big the market is out there.



    But before commencing to market on social media, it is extremely important to understand every social media platform. Because all social media platforms do not work the same way. What works on Facebook may not work on Twitter. Therefore, understanding social media in-and-out is essential.  


    Once you’ve understood social media thoroughly, it will help you in every aspect right from preparing digital strategies to reach out to right people.





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