The 3 Best Ways To Increase Your Social Media Following

  • The 3 Best Ways To Increase Your Social Media Following


    Let us just all admit, we all want to know why are our friends more popular than us on social media? How do they have more social media following than us? How do they have so many likes and comments on their post? What is that secret tactic that they follow? And in the curiosity of finding the secret, we all turn into great investigators.


    But well that’s really okay because that’s common human nature. We all seek attention and popularity. And on social media popularity is purely defined by the number of followers you have and how many likes and comments your posts have received.


    There are a lot of ways to increase your social media following. You can either purchase them or gain them through some third-party apps. Or you can also earn them all by yourself. The choice is yours.


    Earning social media followers isn’t an easy task and requires a considerable amount of time. But those will be the ones who will define your true worth. Because they will be your true followers who will interact with you, connect with you and follow you loyally.


    Purchasing followers isn’t a wrong option but there are pros and cons to it. You will definitely be able to increase your follower count by purchasing them but they will not add any value to your profile because most of them would be fake. There will be no major engagement or interaction from their part that will increase your worth. Moreover, there will be always a risk of compromising your privacy. But by earning them there is always an assurance of credibility and loyalty.


    In this article, I am going to share 3 essential ways to increase your social media following. These tips aren’t any hacks but will surely help you to make a strong follower base.


    1. Post Consistently & Regularly:


    It is extremely important to be consistent and regular to mark your presence on social media. Which means your posting activity needs to be persistent. Posting just once or twice a week won’t make any difference. Instead, people will start forgetting you. There is no such thumb rule to how many times you should post per day but one post per day will still maintain your online visibility.


    Maintaining intervals between all your posts is important. If you perform multiple postings in a day all at once, your post visibility will be reduced for sure.


    Along with consistency, prioritizing social media platforms is also important. To yield best results, you should have a thorough understanding of every social media platform because what works on Facebook may not work on Twitter.


    2. Create Excellent Content:



    “The strength of your social media is determined by the strength of your content.”


    If you want people to reach out to you, interact with you and continue following you, creating good content is essential. You must produce and post content which is relevant and of high-quality and at the same time interesting, fresh and engaging.


    Your content must be designed in a such a way that it provides value to your followers. Nobody would be interested in knowing what you ate for your breakfast this morning but if you post about something photography, it will entice people who love photography to follow you.


    And by content, I just don’t mean posting high-resolution pictures. It could even be a video. Create and post content in the form of interesting and appealing videos. Videos have a higher rate of engagement than pictures and it will definitely help your profile stand out among others.


    3. Respond & Engage With People:

    Your followers are the realm of your social media kingdom. Therefore, it is important to satisfy them and make them happy.Show them that you are interested in them by responding and engaging with them. Like, comment, share & retweet their posts. Show them that you value them.Respond positively to their queries and complaints and in a timely manner.Avoid making negative remarks. The more negative remarks you make, the more followers you lose.


    Have a friendly approach towards them and connect with them emotionally.


    Apart from these, there are some other tips that might help you in increasing your social media followers steadily:

    • Fill out your profile completely.
    • Use relevant hashtags.
    • Integrate social media icons onto your website (if you’ve any).
    • Share your social media account links with everyone and everywhere but remember not to be spammy.
    • Tag and mention similar accounts & people.

    Today, social has been steadily growing as a major form of marketing and not just limited to posting pictures and gaining lots of like and followers. Brands have started using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to advertise their products to a larger and targeted audience.


    In the coming years, digital marketing and social media marketing are going to be really huge and will play a significant role in the growth of every business. Hence, knowing digital and social media marketing is going to be mandatory.


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