Be available

  • This advice is harder to respect by journalists in written press, but they can very well use it online. At the end of the article, give the author's name, a few details about him, and possibly a contact, an email address, or personal blog, if any.It helps you make your content as authentic as possible, and does not make the reader look for contact information on another page of your site or essay writing services recommends to make the visible comments section as well as the subscription to the newsletter and the buttons that go to social networks (but do not abuse too much using them).Leave your email address and say that you are available and open to conversation.


    If you are a company and offer some services, it's good to provide blog information and tips to potential customers. But do not give them the complete recipe, make them more curious to contact you for more information.If you are a blogger or a consultant on your own, use your blog as a tool to give you value to readers. When it comes to a news story, an event, a product, a report, an interview, or a press release ... the content is useless without images. It is so useless that it is not worth publishing, even if it is written very well.

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