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  • Will you be adding one to your lingerie drawer? Introducing lingerie China the eye-watering C-string underwear that’s barely there


    FORGET your sexy G-string or your thong its all about the C-string now the latest craze in lingerie fashion.

    The C-string looks like a sanitary pad really but it sits in place thanks to a wire that fits nicely between your bum cheeks.

    They come in all different colours, textiles and patterns so you would be forgiven if you picked one up and thought it was a hair band.


    Apparently, the underwear is a rather popular product for men to buy their other halves, but not many women are fans.

    One wrote on a forum: It either bent from shipping or is of very poor quality.

    It is very uncomfortable. The fabric is almost like swimsuit material, very weird.


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    It doesnt stay in place. Cant see wearing this for more than two minutes. Dont waste your money this product is worthless.

    Others have described it as an excellent item for using outside when sunbathing and is surprisingly very comfortable.

    One woman even claims that youll never go back to a thong after this.

    You can buy one on Amazon for less than £3.

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