Management Careers in Media - Introduction

  • Surely, students from all media courses and also from management courses should look towards the a Management Career in Indian Entertainment and Media Industry. The industry is poised for a massive leap in terms of revenue generation and overall growth. The figures speak for themselves:

    In 2014, the industry registered a 11.7% growth, to reach an overall size of Rs 1026 billion. It is projected to grow at 14 % p.a to reach an overall value of Rs. 1964 billion by the end of 2019.

    On the other hand the advertising industry, considered as the other side of the coin, grew at 14% p.a and is now worth Rs 414 billion. By 2019 it is expected to touch a mark of Rs 816 billion, growing at 14.5% p.a.

    This is the result of technological breakthroughs, especially in the form of communication technology, coupled with the increasing reach of the Internet in rural India. To make a point, where several newspapers are shutting shop in the western world, India has a unique position where regional media is growing.

    This is the time for aspiring media and management students to ride the growth curve. However, to enter the media as a manager, you must forst learn to create content, to be able to manage it. As I have said earlier, media depends heavily on the scarcest of resources - efficient and talented human resource. There are many takers in the talent section, but few in the management sector.

    As a teacher in media, I am always surprised to see very few media students going for a management qualification. We media students tend to look at media careers in the form of journalism, art direction, copy writer, film maker, etc. But very few of us know that the industry also requires managers who understand media. More about that in my next post.


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    Michael Barbosa Pretty cool blog post. I'm all set to read more about the next blog post explaining industry requirements.
    9 January 2016

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