4 Different Types Of People You Will Meet In BMM


    This is a career which is taking roots today and is budding up. This is such a career wherein many others think is a waste of time and those doing the other courses feel it is as simple as eating food. So firstly let’s understand what BMM is. It is BACHELOR IN MASS MEDIA wherein in the duration of three years you learn everything that others courses learn in detail. It basically teaches you everything as being a media student you got to have basic knowledge everything around you. So BMM is no eating work and has lot to do. BMM is such courses that teach you lot of things you learn to communicate well and due to festivals you develop contacts which turn out to be helpful somewhere down the line. You learn to make movies and documentaries. You also get to try your hands in fashion by either participating in the fashion shows or designing for it and also learn to manage events and what is event all about is what is learn additional in bmm other than the course. You also get to learn photography and frame your career in it. So bmm is a colourful career not only giving you career opportunities in Media and Advertising but also in the other fields too.

    BMM as career is very beautiful but it becomes enjoyable because of your acquaintance and your faculty. Not bmm alone but college life teaches you a lot of things and you know what life is beyond the life that we create for ourselves and what people are? Being in bmm you will love the people you are with and you will hate certain faces too depending on how they are….So let’s see people in bmm.

    1. Some people are of bossy nature impossible to work with and sometimes you will feel like killing them because when it comes to working in groups they sit on your heads and behaving as if it is not a project but a company wherein they are the bossy and you are the employee.


    1. Backstabbers these are heart-breaking people. They will become friends with you and as you start trusting them they will do something that will shake you from within. So you have to be very careful with such people (Personal Experience )


    1. Trust Breakers – You cannot trust anybody in BMM. You might not know when will they push you in the well and you might not even in know what actually happened. They are those wherein they will tell they will support you but when it actually is required to do you will simply get a kick on your butt.


    1. Selfish and Mean – These are the others set of people that are all around in bmm. They will use you when they need you but will never help you in return


    These are just few people I have named but it is not that there are no good people but in reality you can’t really believe any even a minute. Remember one thing Keep your friends closer and keep your enemies even more closer.


    by carol fernandes

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