Interview with Nakshatra, BMM Alumni, N.G. Acharya and Kirti Co

  • An Interview with Nakshatra, BMM Alumni, N.G. Acharya and Kirti College





    Tell us something about yourself

    Hey, this is Nakshatra. I am an international award winning filmmaker, actor and a media student. A proud queer, Mumbaikar and BMMitie. I believe in living life on my terms and I listen to Pink Floyd as well as Lady Gaga.


    Tell us something about your BMM college

    Those 3 years creates a wonderful rollercoaster of my life. I started in 2009, pretty late almost after 4 months of commencement of first semester. Many colleges rejected my application as I was late so I landed up at N. G. Acharya & D. K. Marathe College, Chembur. Not only me but BMM course was pretty new there, I was in their second batch so had to struggle a lot to adjust and deal with the course. First year I had put myself at back-foot and focused on projects, scored distinction and I was the all time favorite of my professors. In second year I was pretty active so be it making notes for whole class & my juniors, starting our annual college festival – Phoenix, Fighting against management and to put a cherry on the cake I topped the BMM department of my college thrice in a row.

    In final year, I moved to Kirti College, Dadar. BMM was pretty established there and for me it was a new environment so I kept myself at back-foot again and scored well at the end and graduated in 2012.


    What was the first step after completing BMM? What are you doing currently?

    I never thought about an internship or a job. I just wanted the tag of ‘student’ to be with me so I don’t have to work and just enjoy my college life again. So basically I started planning for PG; like any other advertising student I dreamt of MICA. I applied and passed online test and then I went to Ahmadabad for further rounds of interviews which I cleared successfully. They offered me a seat for admission and I rejected because I felt I can’t survive out of Mumbai. So I started searching about advertising courses in Mumbai and finally landed up at EMDI.

     Currently I am pursuing PG diploma in Advertising & Creative Branding Communication from EMDI Institute of Media & Communication, Mumbai and after making 4 short films in a year, I am working on several film projects as a filmmaker, actor and writer. I cook well; I also own a small catering business with the help of my mom.


    Who in your life has influenced you the most?

    Sorry If I sound self-centric but my answer is ‘Myself’. You often tend to look upon others to get influenced but I always get influenced from my past. I always found out that my life is getting better day by day; it means I am improving and that’s the influential factor. The memories, struggle, challenges and harshness you have to tackle all of them to make your life unaffected to improve and achieve something. Rather than comparing my life with others I prefer to compare it with my past and get influenced from it positively. Finally the fact is that nobody can live my life better than me.


    Has BMM course really helped you in the Postgraduation? As BMM alumni, what changes would you like to bring in mass-media education?

    Not only in my PG but BMM changed my complete personality. A shy momma’s boy turned into a bold fearless activist and this all happened because of BMM. My communication skills, body language, way of thinking and other skills improved drastically. So yes! Doing BMM was one of the best decisions of my life.

    Talking about bringing change in current mass-media education so I would like to see a course with full of live experiences and activities. In short, more field work and less class room lectures. Mass-media is something which you can learn out there in the real world and not inside of the four walls.


    Do you think internship/work experience is a must before pursuing PG?

    No! I never interned anywhere and I still got into well known institutes like MICA & EMDI. Internship is an add-on to your knowledge and experience but it is not a compulsion. Many institutes provide internship when you go for their PG courses so it’s not a rule that you have to intern at a well known place before pursuing PG. Rather than internship I would make my resume rich by highlighting my extra circular activities. ‘Extra Circular Activities’ is the most influential factor of your resume these days.


    What is the ideal career option after BMM? What message would you like to give to the current BMM batches?

    Ideal career is something which you enjoy irrespective of the salary and other benefits so I think it’s very subjective as every single human being is unique. I entered in mass media with the target of being a news reporter and I ended up being a filmmaker. This course is fun. You never know where you’ll land up at the end of the final year?

    Guys just keep your options open. Don’t limit yourself to particular subject and don’t complete your projects and assignment for the sake of getting passed in internals. These assignments help you a lot especially during PG. Do all the things which a college going teenager can do. Have fun, be crazy, be innovative, look around and observe, bunk lectures (I also did the same) but whole world believes that BMM is for responsible and intellectual people and that’s the truth, keep proving it. Feel proud for being a BMMitie and shine with flying colors. 


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