To Kiss or Not to Kiss

  • We all love that pinch of romance and the 'awwww' moments, but when it comes to 'love making scenes' , is India ready to watch kissing and intimacy in its daily soap shows and 'U' Rated movies?

    There used to be a time when romance in India was defined as - running in a field of flowers, running behind trains, hugging each other, a cute peck on the check or forehead and the most iconic, two flowers dinging in between. Romance was so cute pure and reserved. But as our mindset gets ready for change, so is entertainment. But are we really ready?

    Indian TV programs are made such that it has drama, drama and drama. But with the increase in western influence, producers are ready to bring in the 'bold' element in it. We all are okay with watching kissing and light intimacy scenes in western TV shows, but when it comes to Indian shows...

    Many Indian TV Programs have started showing their 'bold' quotient. Starting with Ekta Kapoors's most 'searched, watched, criticized and revolutionizing' step, the love making scene in her show, bade acch lagte hai. When it was aired, it received many negative responses, but also laid the benchmark of love making and intimate scenes to be shown in the 'presumed' melodramatic shows. Followed by this example, now it isn't that surprising that kissing scenes are on the rise. But when asked many TV stars their response on the topic, they don't seem to be positive with the thought. Many say that they are not comfortable and even if they did, the audience is not ready. Prime time shows should avoid it, probably if the script demands it; the show should be shifted to late night timings. To quote few actors-
    Sanaya Irani – who plays the female lead Khushi in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon on Star Plus 'Personally, I will not kiss on screen. I don't know may be years later I might change my mind but as of now, it is an absolute no-no,"she said.

    On the other hand, Samir Soni, who is seen as Kunal Chopra in Parichay on Colors, straightforwardly threw a "no" to kissing on the screen.
    "I am not stating what they did on Bade Achhe... is right or wrong. It's a matter of personal choice. But I am not comfortable doing it. My show Parichay airs at 9.30 pm wherein parents, children watch it. I don't want to do something that will embarrass them. It's just a personal preference and to each his own," (As per an article in 2012)

    It's been quite some time from the issue, and now new and young stars are ready to dare it all.

    New producers have started adding spice in their shows and television romance now is no longer shy.A proof of the same is here
    Yet, this "love expressing' still exists to be a taboo for the TV mass. The conservative mindset of watchers may perhaps need time to change. But is it the same for our Bollywood movies, not quite like it!

    For Bollywood, love making scene, intimacy and smooch scenes have become USP and prime reasons that makes people come to the cinema hall. Earlier kissing scenes were not included in promos, but it has become a trend now. Every movie has a kissing and if possible love-making sequence in its song or promo, irrespective of relevance to the plot. Yet, smooching scene still raises eyebrows today in movies, especially, when you go watch it with your parents.

    But when the same is asked to Bollywood stars, the old and golden stars refuse to the point of 'mandatory intimacy' while the young and new are ready to bare it all. Kissing, intimacy, bikini etc. they are ready for all. But if you think intimacy is a new thing, you are highly mistaken. An article by times of India chooses Bollywood's top 1o kisses of the decade and also kisses which went horribly wrong. But as for requirement, in every recent movie, the existence of an intimate part has become important and if why..... The most obvious answer comes up , " sex sells dear"

    "It's great these kids of the new generation are kissing on screen. It's the new ethos... but senior actors didn't do this. I like to watch kissing scenes, it's wonderful. Kissing scenes help to get opening and people also like to see it, so it's all about kissing."

    While our cinema has openly accepted being intimate, perhaps the indian Tv needs more time. With more influences from the western shows and adaptations in rise, the day doesn't seem too far. So are you "kiss-ready" yet!

    Give me your opinion on your take to the topic of "showing intimacy on TV" in the comments below or on Facebook!



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