Photography - An Art

  • Photography, they say is an art. It takes a lot of hard work and an eye for detail to create some dramatic pictures; pictures which would not only be stunning to look at but pictures which would tell a story, so to speak. But, all this creative thinking does take a toll on the mind, and your mental state to some extend.

    You see, photography as a hobby and as a business are two different things altogether. When one pursues it as a hobby, all one needs to do is just go out without any particular agenda and create pictures; pictures which make YOU happy. However, when it comes to the business end of photography, that is where things start to get dirty to a certain extent. The bunch of professional photographers also need to constantly be on our toes when it comes to inspiration and deriving motivation. I derive my motivation from nature, by taking long walks with the camera, or perhaps with just my cell-phone. I just soak it all in, rather than sitting in front of a PC and going through other photographers' work tirelessly. Yes, that is something which I do, from time to time, but I don't make it a point to soak it all in to an extent that I start to go crazy about it. You see, what happens when you keep on looking at other people's work so obsessively is that it somehow slows you down to an extent that it might even start to affect your own work in a negative manner. I know, because I have dedicated a few years of my life doing just that; going through people's work from all over the world and trying to gauge how exactly did the said photographer photographed it, forgetting that nothing can be a better teacher than going out and actually creating pictures.



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