Dear Entrepreneurs, Keep Moving Forward

  • Every day, every week, every month is just another study in Grit, Tenacity and Hope.
    Giving up is something I think about every week. 
    When customers trust you
    When team mates understand you
    When vendors believe in you
    When software really works
    When miracles happen..
    You pick up that phone and convince that vendor..
    You write an amazing email that elicits an order..
    You collect on that over due payment...
    And then you realize that this startup you built alone 4 years ago
    is now a living, breathing organism
    that won't die on its own..
    To kill this startup, you're gonna have to kill it.
    By giving up..
    Or by actively quitting.
    But if you want this startup to stop "Existing"
    you'll have to physically lift it out of the crap its in now.
    So get back to work.

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